How to Do Event Management and Execution for a Client

event execution

Are you looking to execute an on-ground event/conference with around  30-50 delegates for a client? Here are the steps you should follow to execute and manage your event successfully.

Planning & Collaboration

  • Client to provide brief, base content and wish list
  • Editorial, Product team, Project team, Sales team and client to get on a kick off call to discuss expectations, deliverables and agenda.
  • Editorial will work and share the title, theme and key take aways of the event
  • Product team to work on wishlist shared by client and match it with its database. 
  • Event team to close on venue and inform the client about it.
  • Design team to work on theme for the event and creatives
  • Product/Brand team to share promotional plan with client

Invitation and Registration

  • Start designing the mailer and microsite and any other creatives.
  • Microsite to have all information about topic, venue, speaker and agenda.
  • After client approval, creatives to be made live
  • Registration form on microsite to capture basic visiting card details and consent to share this date with client.
  • Banners to be hosted on websites to drive traffic to microsite
  • Send the mailer to matched Wishlist.
  • Thank you for registering mail, to be auto sent when someone registers
  • After 48 hours, start calling on database of people who did not open the mailer. and  give brief about event and verify their email ids on call. Mailer will be sent again to them on given id
  • Run  Facebook ads to people who clicked on the mailer but did not take any action on microsite
  • Send confirmation sms to people who have registered and registration sms to people who have not
  • Editorial to personally invite any speakers for the event using official email id and company phone.


  • Send daily registration reports to client
  • Share name, designation and company with client in report

Follow Up and Dry Run

  • Send follow-up mail to confirmed delegates 48 hours prior to event with details about venue, timings and any other relevant details.
  • Send cab details 24 hours prior to delegates who would have opted for a cab
  • Do one round of reminder calling on the day of event, starting from morning
  • Event moderator to get on a call with all speakers and do a dry run of theme and event.

Event Management & Execution

  • Handle all the flight bookings, airport transfer, local transportation of the delegates if any
  • Client to take care of the travel of their executives.
  • Take care of the F&B
  • Take care of the flight bookings, airport transfer, local transportation of any external speakers
  • Take care  of all the entertainment and recreational activities.
  • Take care of all the event setup, AV, manpower, video, photographer etc
  • Complete setup well before1 hour prior to registration time.
  • Print event backdrop, registration backdrop, 2 podium standees, 2 standees, name badges, agenda and feedback form
  • Lanyards will be printed aswell
  • Do dry run with speakers on venue

Post Event

  • Share final attendee sheet with client within 48 hours. It will be a password protected file. Password will be sent in a separate email
  • Final attendee sheet will have these details: Name, Designation, Company, Email, Phone and city
  • Photos of the event will be shared via Google drive within 48 hours
  • 3-4 min video will be shared with 7 working days from date of event. Raw footage cant be shared with client
  • Post event article if any will be shared with client within 5 working days for approval
  • Feedback form data to be shared within 72 hours after the event