Kashmir great lake treks are one of the most alluring treks. In this trek, you get to magnificent five lakes of Kashmir and they will definitely leave you spellbound and dumbfounded. You’ll get to see big lumps of ice melting into milky white icebergs floating through these clear and blue lakes. What is even more mesmerising to the eyes, is the sight of lush green meadows enclosed within these magnificent lakes. To get a chance to go for a long walk on the shores of these lakes is pure trekking ecstasy. The meadows you get to see around every day, ranging from any to every size, make it more mesmerising and fun to trek along.

This majestic trek begins at Shitkadi, in Sonmarg which help you to brace yourself towards a high trekking period. From here, you head towards Nichnai through Shekhdara and then take a trek next to the breathtaking Vishensar and Kishensar lakes. They are deep blue lakes and you can sense this enormous euphoric beauty through your eyes. Walking through this magnificent lakes, the trek again begins towards Gadsar (the lake of fishes) which provides a picturesque view of this beautiful lake. You, then head towards Satsar and Gangbal lake, which paves your way towards Nandkol lake and then finally to Naranag. This marks an end to your trek and you finally take a leave to Srinagar.