Kashmiri Haakh Muji Gaeddi Recipe

kashmiri hakh

1. Fry the fish first in a non-stick pan.

2. Then take a big container, it should be big enough to put fish aswell later.

3. Fry onion, few choti elaichi, baddi elaichi, dalchini sticks, zeera, few laung, saunf powder, saboot lal mirch and haldi. Add tomatoes also. At the end, add chilli powder. You have to make a baghaar of all this

3. Fry a little. Then put in haakh and muji. Fry and then put in a little water.

4. Cook till the water dries up a little and the oil shows.

5. Then add fish. Don’t stir too much as the fish can break.

6.  Add water and cover it with lid. Let it simmer for a while. You have to cook so that the fish gets the taste of all the masala’s.

7. Check if the fish is done. Otherwise u may need to put more water.