Kashmiri Tilla Embroidery in Pictures

kashmiri tilla work

What is Tilla embroidery?

Tilla Embroidery is one of the most celebrated Kashmiri handicrafts. It is done on women’s garments to give a royal look.

It is done with help of silver or gold threads. Tilla designs are done on the lower neck, cuffs, and lower border of the garment

Earlier tilla work was done only on pherans now it is done on various garments like suits, shawls and sarees.

It takes almost a month to complete Tilla Embroidery on one pheran. Although machine-done tilla work fabrics are also available in the market which cost 4 times less as compared to hand done tilla works the elegance of hand made tilla is matchless and never goes out of style. 

Where can you buy authentic Kashmiri Tilla work garments online?

You can buy from these online shops


Tul Palav

The Closet Cloud by anam

Hangers the Closet By Sadia

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Shreen Libass

  kashmiri tilla Falaq Tromboo kashmiri tilla pheran Photo by Imtiyaz Pandow 25498378 526702351047931 6412583042391667739 n kashmiri girl tilla pheran kashmiri red pheran delhi pretty Simer Kaur Sethi kashmiri girl snowman pheran tilla Photo by Shahid Mushtaq aliya nazki Aliya Nazki kashmiri old lady tilla handwork Photo by Mahoor Shaw tilla Payal Narang black pheran kashmir buy kashmiri village dress kashmiri pretty pheran lady kashmir traditional dress kashmiri american cuture kashmir dal lake woman tourist kashmir dressing