Meet The Lady Who is Bringing Kashmiri Women YAKJUT (Together)

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Interview by Taha Firdous Shah

Tell us about yourself

My name is Syed Hanaz Tariq. I did my schooling from Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School, Srinagar. After that, I moved out of state for my higher education. I graduated in 2018 and now I am currently working as an automation engineer with a Chinese Automation company based in Pune.

Syed Hanaz Tariq yakjut
Syed Hanaz Tariq

How did you come up with Yakjut group?

I have been an active member of various groups across Facebook and I saw how people were benefited through Facebook and how it helped them in connecting across the world. I felt there was a need for such platform for connecting all Kashmiri women across the globe and help them to get financial independence even if they work from their homes.

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Yakjut is a core business platform, however we have covered every other aspect too like women sharing social issues, having important discussions and solving each other’s problems. Along with business, women have taken a step forward to share their other skills like poetry, writing, developed interest in fitness too.

yakjut group

Why the name Yakjut?

The name ‘Yakjut’ was given by my father. When he came to know I created this platform, he instantly came up with the idea of it. It means Unity. This platform is for all Kashmiri women without any discrimination based on caste, creed or religion. We are glad to unite Kashmiri pandits, Muslims, Sikhs and all Kashmiri women across the globe.

How did you get so many followers in such a short time?

The group was created on 6th January 2019, currently we have 21000 women as a part of this group. I think success is directly proportional to the acceptance of such platform. I think women are enjoying their space. They are making friends, sharing stories. Despite of it being a business platform mainly, we have tried our best to keep the audience entertained. As our platform is not only about selling though its core but still, we have days assigned for poetry, fitness, matrimony, parenting etc.

How do you think this group has benefited Kashmiri women?

This group has benefited Kashmiri women especially, our sellers who were doing online business. but didn’t have huge fan following earlier. Now, all are working in a common platform. It is so amazing to see women selling clothes , plants , pickles , wazwan under one roof. This has empowered them while sitting at their homes. As all can’t afford to open a studio or a shop, it becomes a boon for such entrepreneurs.

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Do you handle it alone? Who helps you with this?

As I am the admin, we have a team of 8 moderators who are also taking care of the group who are living in different parts of the world. Thus, we manage time difference too.

What is the hardest part of maintaining such a community?

The hardest part is taking care of 21k women with 21k different mindsets. There are people sharing different set of ideologies and despite this we aim to keep all of them unified and together.

What is your family’s take on this venture?

My family is supportive keeping in view all the odds of working in such a society. I believe, anything done for the betterment of people and the valley is anyways appreciated . They like my business idea where not only business but welfare is given importance too.

What are your future plans for Yakjut?

The most important task assigned to me with Yakjut is now, we are now verifying the sellers. We are going to provide them special badges and verifying their accounts and profiles to keep fraud sellers away from this platform. Each badge has a unique code designed for them. We wish to improve the quality of goods being sold, mainly we do not want to put our customers in trouble whatsoever. We have kept review for sellers and customers both open. This way all will value each other and not take people for granted.

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Women can join Yakjut Group here