Message To all Kashmiri Women by Azra Mufti


I started writing at a very early age. The first piece of writing that I could remember having written is a letter to Allah. I was 11 years old and my father was confined to bed rest as he complained of prolapsed disc. I could not see my father like this and thought of conveying my innocent feelings to Allah in the form of a letter. That was the beginning and I have never stopped since then.

I believe everyone is a writer, some vent out their feelings in form of words, others just let it pass. Having been born in a trouble torn place, there was always a lot to ponder about and write about. I wanted to be a journalist, but destiny had some other plans for me, instead I landed up being an assistant professor at a very young age. My dreams never stopped here, I continued to write about various issues and tried to highlight them at various national and international levels. Presently I am a columnist for two local dailies of Kashmir.

I strongly believe that if women try to know their power, they can surpass mountains and move this world! Unfortunately, I see girls of my age living in complete oblivion. They think their world revolves around pouts and selfies and being barbies, but they have so much power inside them, they just need to turn their can not’s into can’s. I believe that we need people who can bring out the good in our society especially women! Some people are venomously orthodox when it comes to give freedom of expression to the ladies, but as they say, nobody gives you power, you have to take it. Same goes to the ladies of this valley you have been through a lot, you have seen the darkest alleys of human mind, you have witnessed huge atrocities done to you in different forms, but now it is time to  do night back. Do not just play a victim and cry, stand up and deal! Learn to live by your own convictions and try to spread some positivity around. Let the purpose of your life be a life of purpose! Let you be the catalyst for the positive change in the society. I have seen women who have suffered and cried and ultimately died, but I have also seen women who do not give the tears the power to overrule them. You have it in you! Just recognize yourself!

(The author is a columnist for Kashmir Watch and an active researcher in mental health issues. Can be followed on