Louse Ghassi – For Post Partum 40th Day Bath


“Koshur spa” for relieving the ladies of the exhausted state

Directions for use

1. Boil the louse Ghassi in a large vessel filled with water (usually done in a copper vessel)
2. Boil it for an hour or 2
3. Let it cool a bit ( do not add cold water)
4. During the bath scrub the lady with louse ghassi and wash her with its water
5. Sometimes its also advised to chew some pieces of grass so that teeth will regain their strength that is lost due to labor pain
6. Later put the newborn between the feet of the lady ( It is believed this makes baby obedient)
7. Have noon chai made with kajus after this bath


1. It takes all the pain out of the body
2. Relaxes muscles
3. It contains a lot of herbs in it which are having an anti-inflammatory as well as antiseptic actions.
4. Removes dark patches from skin that are there due to pregnancy

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