Tamanna by Yawar Abdal

tamanna yawar abdal mehjoor iqbal

‘Tamanna’ is a song based on the poetry of three legendary poets ‘Mehjoor’, ‘Mirza Ghalib’ and ‘Ameeri Khusrow’. This song defines some of the stages of ‘Sufis’ where they try to come out of this world and stop desiring for the materialistic world. The only thing they desire is the love of their beloved.

Meaning of Kashmiri words in the song

“Tamanna chaani deedaruk
Chumo yemberzale bumbroo
Phachis yan peth
Lejis vichhnai
Gajis chaani kaley bumbroo.”

Beloved, how I yearn for you
Like the yemberzal for her bee !
These eyes have always ached for you
Ever since I bloomed.

Phaejjis Yaamathh laejjis wechnney
Gaejjis chaaney kalley bumbro
Czih Gaerann seithh Czohh maaraam bih Tanha khuun e dil haaraan
Dohass kattih Czaarathh Chuhs Thaaraan
Bih czaandathh routthleyy Bumbro
Wuchukhh Duurey meah masstuureii
Dilluk Srehh maa Czollum czuureyy
Czeh loyuthh Teer zannn duureiii yih
Chokhh maa zanhh czalley bumbro
Yihamm nah Haal e Dil baawaiyyii
Gacheyy kutthii toass wathraawaiyii
Pannun Zuw peshkash thawaiyii meah
Paanus Sharr Czalley Bumbro
Yihh Kadddhh choun zann chih poshh e Kull
Flyeee berjesth tih chahss bilkul
Wuchithh sumbul Tih rangeen gull
Yih dil ma tamballey bumbro

“Karan mahjoor chu husnas gath
vanan yaaras patho akh kath
Ye dil deewan gow cxei path
Beyis sith na raley bumbroo.”

Paying homage to beauty, Mahjoor
Makes this pledge to his friend: ‘It’s you and you alone
That can claim my ardent passion