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These Creative Snow Sculptures by Kashmiris Will Make All The Snow Worth It

Sheen Woman by Sabah Nargis 

Daku by Omar A Kirmani

Kashmiri Woman By Molvi Faizan

Kashmiri Man

Minion by Misbah Iftikhar

Traffic Police Snowman by Tufail Wani


Brother by Sehrish Mir

Cute Kid by Musaib Gulzar


SRK Snowman


Kashmiri Hen Adil Mubeen Mir, DPS School Teacher


Say Hello by Faiz Masudi

Kanchet With Chatir  by Usman Matoo


By Uzma Ateeb Saidii

By Shazia Kar & Baqia Kar

Bird by Bilal Nasir Zargar

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