What is Gyawun?

Gyawun is an online magazine and Kashmiri digital music service provider which focuses on promoting Kashmiri people, culture,tourism and Kashmiri Music among the masses.

Founded in December 2015, Gyawun has become most loved online Kashmiri project till date. The website recieves 1 Lakh monthly pageviews and the Facebook page reaches to audience of 1 Million. The majority of viewers are from India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA and UK.


What does Gyawun do?

This online magazine publishes an estimate of 60 posts per month. The content is targeted to people of Kashmiri, be it people living in Kashmir or those who live away from Kashmir. The posts include articles, quizzes, videos, slideshows and picture posts.

Currently Gyawun is focused to provide content on Gyawun.com, Gyawun Facebook Page and Gyawun APP (Android). In some time we will also focus on twitter, Instagram and Gyawun Newsletter




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Gyawun offers multiple ways to build your brand and get your message across to a large readership. A popular advertising option is publishing an article about your product or service directly on this website. Advertising through storytelling—a compelling way to reach readers, potential new customers.


This includes doing a post about your Brand on Gyawun social channels.

Electronic Direct Mailer

A dedicated EDM is specially designed for clients’ services, promotions, events or campaigns etc. EDMs will be blasted to selected target user group based on client’s request.



Running a contest is another creative way to promote your product or service. All prize offers should be relevant to Gyawun website and readership. The contests are published on the Gyawun website and promoted on social media.  Contact us  for more information.

We would love to hear from you and see how we can help

Call us or Whatsapp on 9797010101              Email us at [email protected]