Gurez valley, located in the higher Himalayas, is about 123 kilometres from the capital city. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, this valley has a wild variety of fauna and flora. This beauty vale comprises of three regions, Toabat to Sharda Peeth is administered by Pakistan as Neelum District, that between Kamri and Minimarg is part of the Astore District, Northern Areas, Pakistan, and that from Toabat to Abdulla-e-Tulail is known as Tehsil Gurez, and is part of Bandipora district, which belongs to Jammu & Kashmir. Ultimate adventure destination to the north of Kashmir, Gurez, is a gateway to the famous silk route across central Asia, which makes it more popular. The rumbling of Kishanganga, the river that flows to this valley, resonates with surrounding valley that soothes the visitor to a sound adventure. Some of the mountains in this valley offer a sport for rock climbing. Close to 20 kilometres from Gurez, is a beautiful village of Tilel which is girdled by log wood houses, adds to the magnificent beauty of this mighty place. Gurez also leads to the might Harmukh peak and an uphill journey from Gurez takes you to Razdan Pass, where you can stop for beautiful photo shots.