Hijabsta : Kashmiri Pheran in new Avatar

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Meet Sanna Hijabsta Naq better known as Hijabsta. She is a Kashmiri-American fashion enthusiast and personal stylist.
Here is what she has to say about

Being a personal stylist, I love creating looks for people and being a fashion enthusiast my love and passion for our beautiful intricate Koshur khome grows even deeper. I believe being a Kashmiri-American, living outside of Kashmir has been an advantage in me cherishing the fine handcrafted designs, patterns and unique variety my motherland has to offer. Our Kashmiri work has a charm of its own which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. I cherish what others desire to have. Instead of wearing the Pherans and Tilla wole suits the usual way how about having fun with the outfit and trying something new — for example rock a pheran with a pair of skinny jeans underneath instead of the usual Shalwar Kameeze and wear boots to complete the look. Don’t make your look boring, have fun with what you have and mix and match the old with the new to give it a look everyone won’t dare to take their eyes off of. When I see something or want to put a look together I play with what I have – work out of the box instead of inside. Just have fun with your look and you’ll look fabulous.

For further fashion inspiration check out Hijabsta’s Instagram page @hijabsta. If you would like to get styled and have hijabsta put a look together for you contact her at [email protected]