Meet Bisma Parveez Mir – The Engineer with an Artistic Soul

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Tell us about yourself?

I am Bisma Parveez Mir from Karan Nagar Srinagar. I am pursuing Mtech from NIT Srinagar, I have done my in Mechanical Engineering from SSM College of Engineering & Technology. I am an artist and I love creativity in any form. For me, engineering is the part of that. It played a great role in enhancing my perceptions about creativity. My biggest inspiration is nature and its uniqueness. I am fortunate to put that in my art.

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How did you realize your purpose as an artist?

Well, a person does not decide to become an artist but there is always that instinct deep inside an artist. It always begins with love for creativity & putting that on paper but, for me it’s a way of expression. I express my anger, love, affection, concerns, and all my feelings through art. So it was always inside me, but the floods of 2014 had a major impact on my art, it was something that triggered me & helped me a lot to get out of that calamity. Then onwards my quest for art increased and I started learning different forms of art. I am still a learner.

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What inspires you for the piece you create?

I think an artist’s mind can’t be manipulated. An artist draws what she/he feels. Whatever I see I draw that be it related to Kashmir unrests, women empowerment, half widow, social issue related to women or nature. Most importantly I am inspired by Kashmiri unique cultural heritage. Our historical places with gushes of waters and greenery also inspire me (Dargah, Jamia Masjid, Hari Parbat, Pather Masjid). Also our tourist destinations (Gulmarg, Pahalgam & many more). Kashmir is my biggest inspiration, I am proud to be part of such unique place. In sha Allah I’ll dedicate my art to Kashmir.

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How do you answer when people ask what do you do?

Well, I proudly tell them that I am an artist and obviously in a society like ours, people only value that work which is productive according to them, I think it’s only because of their narrow vision, that they don’t realize the value of artist and how productive artistic work can be. Moreover it is a high time for people to shun heard mentality and realize that the doctors and engineers are not the only career options, we have to think out of the box now.  Also doing what you love is always more productive rather than what you dont.

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What emotions play the biggest role in art?

For me, the definition of an artist should be “the person who can feel everything and the person who chooses art as an expression of feelings”. I think most important thing is to feel your surrounding may be any situation, nature etc. For me, I don’t see things merely but I feel them, absorb them and express them in my own way & perception. If I see injustice happening anywhere, I express that through my art. I must say art satisfies me, gives me a medium for speaking the truth.

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What’s that most people don’t understand about your field?

I think we have a lack of awareness in our society about art. People think that whatever we do should have some value in the end or I can say should be useful. But I want to ask them if in this world everything was meant to have some productive value, why do we need recreation, beauty, it exists to give relief to our eyes, refreshes our soul & frees our minds from all worries. That is exactly what art is meant for. Art has a power to convey messages and awarenesses throughout the world. Art can encourage people to live their lives after they have lost hope. Art can convey a message silently which otherwise can wage wars. Art also helps to preserve culture & traditions by showing the people of the world the uniqueness of that through art. Moreover, there are many people who value art and get inspiration from it and in that way, it becomes productive also. People should realize that art can express the unexpressed & can have a huge impact on our society.


Does your social & political climate impact your artistic expression?

Yes of course, in such a political turmoil how come an artist will not have an impact. I think under such turmoil an artist can’t remain quiet. We have the responsibility to express our views, I have drawn art related to unrest in Kashmir & nobody can stop an artist, I drew what I felt. Talking about social issues especially related to women about the suppression of women by in-laws, half widow, women subjugation, effects of turmoil on women are really serious issues to be addressed. Being a girl I can feel their pain & express my concerns for them.

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What does to be an artist in Kashmir mean?

I think an artist is both fortunate and unfortunate enough if he is from Kashmir because on one side we have a lot of inspirations like our nature, heritage, traditions, and cultures which always trigger an artist but on the other side there is a lack of awareness & misconceptions about art in Kashmir. Our people don’t know the power of art and how special an artist is in any society. Our Kashmir has got a great number of talented artists & their families are supporting them.

I wish for the day when our society will welcome this profession whole heartedly & realize the value of an artist.

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