15 Wonderful Things My Kashmiri Mother Did For Me That Deserve A BIG THANK YOU

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Thank you mom:

1. For feeding me with more than I could eat and for eating what I left on the plate.
2. For that one piece of mutton/chicken that was left in the bowl which you forced me to it by saying that you dont  feel like eating non veg today or  your stomach is not well.
3. For backing me up in-front of Dad even if my results where poor.
4. For sending the first message to me when you  learned to use whatsapp or sms.
5. For taking my picture first with your new phone rather than your selfie.
6. For running to wake me up first  whenever their was an earthquake rather than  running to save your life.
7. For just picking up the phone and calling me whenever you  saw something on news about the place where I was. 
8. For asking me every time, chai mat piyogey or kuch mat khawoge when I used to study late during exams.
9. For giving the TV remote to me  when I came in room no matter what you were   watching on the TV . 
10  For  sitting on the back sit and saying tum agey bheto whenever we used to go out. 
11. For checking on me and saying “Hogayi Farq kuch?” if I was ill and no matter where I was, be it in other room and in different continent.  
12. For packing my stuff whenever I had to go somewhere and remembering everything that I would need, even if I dint remember.
13. For that smile you gave me after you scolded on me something and I decided not to talk to you to prove my point.
14. For knowing everything that bothers me, even if I dont tell you .
15. For just being their always even though no matter how many times I had thought that those girls ( may be boys for you) I was dating were everything  and only thing that mattered to me in this world.