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Kashmir Honey Lady – OMG check out the last one

Hussaini, the famous honey producer of Srinagar, Kashmir – that produces 7 different types of honey, all of which have specific healing qualities. SHe runs her business in the naem of Oriental Apiary.

The business lady in the video has a very rich heritage/ legacy to her, nevertheless the apiary was started by her late father Haji Ahmed Khan somewhere in the late 60’s after they were forcefully evicted by the then govt of J&K from their royal residence adjacent to current day Hotel Pamposh and where today’s SMC complex stands. The Small Shia Mosque that stands on the banks of Jhelum was built by this lady’s grandfather, Haji Jaffer Khan.
This very grandfather of this lady was one of the only four signatories to the referendum presented to then Viceroy of East India Company rejecting the Maharajas rule in 1932/1933.

She is based in Naidyar, Rainawari, Srinagar and works from her home

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