The New Collection By This Kashmiri Designer is Just Stunning


My name is Sana Sheikh. I was born and brought up in Kashmir. After finishing my higher secondary, I went to Delhi for my graduation in fashion design and later on went to Milan for an advanced course in fashion image and styling from the prestigious Istituto Marangoni.

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This is something I wanted to do since I was in school. I never wanted to be a doctor or an engineer, I always wanted to be a designer. I was on a creative side since childhood and more interested in art and craft. Panting and sketching was my only hobby in childhood.

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Kashmir art has always fascinated me. Even my final graduation collection was inspired by Kashmir embroidery. My final styling project in Milan also had an element of Kashmir art. I feel we have the most exquisite embroidery in the whole world.

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In my first collection HERITAGEspring|summer2018, I have mostly experimented with the traditional thread work of Kashmir (Kashida) or (Aari) and tried to showcase it in a never seen way before. We usually see ari work on suits shawls, etc, I wanted to experiment it with modern silhouettes and cuts.

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My inspiration for my first collection and I would say for my brand as a whole is the beauty, art, and craftsmanship of Kashmir.

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I launched my collection in Dubai. For now, I am working in Dubai as well as in India. But my future aim is to experiment more with Pashmina and I want to expand my business further in London and Europe.

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I am launching in Dubai soon with e-commerce as well as in India. For now, viewers can check out my stuff on my Instagram page @sanasheikhcouture 

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