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Story of a Non Kashmiri Lady in Love With a Kashmiri

This is a user submitted article. On the banks of Dal there was an old lady with wrinkles on her face and stick in her hand. She had worn spectacles too. She removed her thick glass spectacles and was looking at the Shikara and moved

Hunt for Highest Alpine Lake of Kashmir Valley

Kashmir valley is considered the home to hundreds of high altitude lakes, the most popular among them are Gangabal, NundKol, Tarsar, Marsar, Kirshensar, Vishensar, Gadsar, Shirasar, Shishnag, Kaunsarnag, Alapather and Dudhsaretc. In the past, just a few dozens of lakes were known to the people


THE VEIL: OF THE BODY OR THE EYES? The term “Modesty” in Islam is a very debatable topic but coming from this society I would enjoy writing about it. My name is Sabeena Ahmed Khan (‘KHAN’ from the epiglottis) and I am a 25-year-old young,

Peer Viqar Ul Aslam: Technology Journalist from Kashmir

By Hirra Azmat In a jam-packed classroom of eighth graders, the bespectacled science teacher meticulously explains the working of a human eye. Via a diagram, he explains how light falls on the rods and cons of retina, gets converted into electric signals that are passed

Capturing the Essence of Ground Zero

By Maheer Ashraf Baba Here I am, at Ground Zero. Yet again. There is something that keeps calling me back. What is it that makes Ground Zero so special, I ask myself. I can list a number of things that do. As I enter the