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Here Are Some Charming, Vintage Photos of Kashmir From The 1970s

Picture taken in 1975. In this picture driver and conductor of a Mercedes-Benz bus of Regional Engineering College #Kashmir are seen pre heating the engine. The nights were so cold that time that the oil froze in the engines. This scene was typical in the colder months.

View of flotilla at Zero Bridge, Srinagar back then

Dussehra celebration in Kashmir, signifying the triumph of good over evil.

Well look at the size of  Ravana effigies 

Tall pretty young lady  wearing a Saree while resting on a pile of tyres

Jammu & Kashmir Policemen on the banks of Dal Lake

And they cared ” Spinning is to Sin” , sign near Sonamarg

This view of Lalchowk

Those amazing Kebabs and Tujjs

Work was next to God.

Look at the happiness on faces



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