Rah Bakshtam Ser by Ali Saffudin

rehbakhs parvidagoro habba kahtoon

Rah Bakshtam is a poem by Kashmir poetess Habba Khatoon (1554–1609)


Rah Bakshtam Ser Parvardaigaro

May the Benevolent God forgive give all my sins

Tsche kyoho waatiyo myani marnai

What will you gain with my death.

Separ Treh mar parma ki ano, pher na kuni gom zere zabre, ashqun khat kansi por na yakhbaro, Rah Bakshtam Ser

What will you gain with my death.”I committed thirty ‘Siparas’ of the Holy Quran to memory in a single sitting, faithfully adhering to the diacritical intonations; yet the valentine punctuated with love could not be read with such facile speed. What will you gain by my passing away.”

Rabab- Nouman Baba
Acoustic guitar – Ovais Ahmad
Percussion – Suhail & Arif
Video production – Video Daddy