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5 Things You Should Know About The Deyou Makeover Studio in Kashmir

Makeup artists have seen a sudden boom in Kashmir. However, one such artist has not limited herself to just being a makeup artist. Diya Umer, an Entrepreneur and Kashmir’s first Airbrush makeup Artist, recently started her own studio in Kashmir. The studio is not limited

Here’s why Kashmiris Are Beautiful People (Inside Out)

Just recently saw an “Ambitchous”(striving to be more bitchy than average) Major on Indian media with knowledge limited to Youniverse (knowledge about oneself only, also such a person is called “GUPAN” in Kashmiri) on a programme asking why Kashmiris have red cheeks and why they look

Meet This 20 Year Old Kashmiri Digital Artist

Interview done by Hammad Mufti Tell us about yourself I am Asim Hamid, 20 years old from Srinagar. Professionally I am a digital artist and visual communication designer. I am a Hafizul Qur’an, a passionate poetic nasheed singer and a lover and learner of languages

Meet This Delhi Girl Who Runs A “KANDUR”

Interview done by Ufaq Fatima from Gyawun Tell us about yourself My Maiden name is Gunmeet Kaur. I belong to Delhi. I come from a typical Sikh family. Completed my education from Delhi itself. I am an architect by profession and did my town planning

8 Things You Learn After Relishing Kashmiri Wazwan

Who hasn’t heard about the grandeur of the Kashmiri cuisine! It is claiming a lot of international attention as well. So today at Gyawun, we’ll tell you why eating ‘Wazwan’ is an unforgettable experience! Here are 8 things that it teaches you: 1. Togetherness: People

Here is Everything You Need To Know About a Kashmiri Wedding

The traditional Kashmiri wedding is quite a sophisticated affair.  It constitutes of a series of traditions which are religiously followed by both the bride and the groom and their respective families. Today on Gyawun, we are going to give you an overview of how the

How To Make Authentic Kashmiri Kahwa At Home

British-Kashmiri blogger, Sumaya Teli shares how, as a newlywed, her husband surprised her with his kehwa making knowledge. Perfect for Ramadan and beyond! Find more from Sumaya at The first time my husband and I hosted a dinner party for guests as a newly

Kashmir Was So Amazing. I Couldn’t Hold My Tears When I Left

I’m Annapurna Menon, a History Hons graduate, working with @indiapictures and exploring mountains, beaches and monuments everywhere. Currently residing in Delhi, I conduct heritage walks on alternate histories at SafarNama! Since I’ve been travelling, I follow a motto of hoping for the most beautiful and

Style Inspiration : Pheran-Omenal Koshur Chic

Aricle by Sumaya Teli ‘Sumaya Teli is a British Kashmiri now living in the USA with her husband and three children. She is founder and writer at ~ a popular lifestyle blog rooted in experiences of being a western global Muslim, Woman and Mother. Couple

In Pictures: Middle Eastern Beauty Blogger Visits Kashmir

Sondos Alqattan @sondos_aq   is a Kuwaiti makeup artist and Instagram sensation. With over two million devoted followers watching her every move, she has grown to become one of the most important regional influencers in the Middle East. Here are her pictures from her recent visit

Stages Of Being A Kashmiri Bride

Ring ceremony/Engagement Mehndi And the journey with the gold jewelry begins… Ring ceremony/Engagement day When the families meet each other Mehndi raat When the bride receives the shagun mehndi from here in-laws Mehndi raat  Find the name 😉 Mehndi raat And the fun continues all through