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English Translations of Kashmiri Relationships

Father in Kashmiri is called Mole or Bab. Mother in Kashmiri is called Mouj Daughter in Kashmiri Son in Kashmiri is called Nechu   Sister in Kashmiri is called Beni Brother in Kashmiri is called Boi Maternal aunt in Kashmiri is called Mass Paternal Aunt

Are Women in Kashmir Treated Differently than Men? Here is the Answer

We asked our audience that are women in Kashmir treated differently than men. Everyone agreed that women are treated differently, while most agreed that they are treated badly as compared to men, few believed actually women are treated better than men in Kashmir. Here are few responses

Here are Some Childhood Memories Of Growing Up in Kashmir

Article by Manan Mushtaq Hakak Being born in Kashmir and asked to count best childhood memories may make you melancholic for a while because things like firing, curfew and crackdown strikes your mind but admist all this grimness and horror there used to be some best

Meet Dr Mohammed Maqbool Mir: An Angel To Many Differently Abled Children

Sidra Nazir from Gyawun talks to Dr Mohammed Maqbool Mir, former Professor and HoD ENT, GMC Srinagar, and founder of Voluntary Medicare Society which is working to decrease the stigma associated with mentally and physically challenged individuals.  Tell us about yourself I, Dr Mohammed Maqbool Mir am

Let’s Raise a Cup of Kahwah to These Incredible Kashmiri Women

To the morally strong, mentally empowered, kind, naturally compassionate, empathetic, happy in their skin and to those women specially who don’t find men as the reference to validate their position but consider them as a important aspect that is equally important in their own special